Poem of the Week, by Camille T. Dungy

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When I bought my house, its little city sloping front yard was scrubby grass. Every year I dug holes and stuck perennials into them.

Now there’s no grass left, just phlox and coneflowers and bee balm and Russian sage and baby’s breath and lilies and balloon flowers and on and on.

As the flowers grow and thrive, so do the bees and butterflies and birds and bugs and worms and squirrels and rabbits.

When I read this gorgeous sweep of a poem I thought of how the wolves changed Yellowstone. How the flowers changed our yard. Neither change took much time. This fact gives me some hope yet for the world.

For mor​e information about Camille Dungy, please check out her website.



  1. Cathy Lentes · August 21, 2021

    I love this poem and the hope it offers for all beings to find their right place, their right purpose. It’s been a hard week. The poems you select always lift me. Much needed. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jinx · August 21, 2021

    Your garden / your words then the poem.

    Upbeat as always finding the best !

    Thank you

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