Poem of the Week, by Stephanie Niu

6 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Stephanie Niu”

  1. My husband, too, was told to mouth the words in the elementary school choir. The cruelty of that takes my breath away, but I love the my grown children still cherish hearing him sing his bedtime song to them–Silent Night–in his off-key way.

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  2. Thank you, Alison. I regularly read your posts and listen to your podcast. I don’t know why, but this particular poem and your story brought tears to my eyes. Maybe part of it is a role reversal: thinking of our parents as vulnerable children and wanting to protect them.

    Being the first child, my mom recorded everything I said and did. One entry in my mammoth scrapbook was a question that 4-year-old me asked my mom: When I get big will you get little and I take care of you?

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  3. Heidi, this is so lovely. You and your mom, the question you asked her. This poem went straight to my heart, too. Thank you for writing – and thank you for all the good work that Open Book does. XO

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