Poem of the Week, by May Swenson

4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by May Swenson”

  1. I feel the same way: so, so grateful for a healthy body, a good, strong pair of lungs. The joy of running on my favorite trail.

    My gratitude sings especially loudly now, as I’m emerging from 2 years of a flare up of chronic fatigue syndrome, which happens about every 10 years and totally sucks.

    The sweetness of good health is an impossible wonder.

    So glad you can celebrate strong arms, strong legs, your sense of humor and your lungs.


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  2. April, wow – I didn’t know you sometimes have to deal with CFS. Is there anything in particular that you do to help recover from an episode? (Asking for a friend who suffers nonstop from it.) So glad you’re back running again. XO


  3. Well, I’ve learned to go to my medical doctor first thing and rule out anything as an underlying issue.

    Then I leave Western medicine behind.

    I usually go to my acupuncturist first because she is magnificent. I do my best to meditate every day.

    And I my chiropractor it’s not only extraordinarily handsome, but he’s an amazing healer. You can’t beat that!

    For me it’s more about the personality and healing qualities (the kind of aura) of the practitioner than about the practice itself, although acupuncture has always been my go-to.

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    1. Thank you! Acupuncture is always my go-to as well. (And how lucky for you that your chiropractor is extraordinarily handsome.) XO


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