my brand-new novel

will be in the world on September 1, 2020

I’ve been keeping this novel entirely under wraps. Haven’t mentioned a word about it. Fear of jinxing it? Fear of pandemic publishing print slowdowns? Fear that by the time this book actually comes out, it will have come true, and we’d all be living under the spell of a crazed cult leader? (Don’t let him know you’re reading this)


Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 5.16.00 PM


How did Where We Are come to be? It wrote itself in a fever dream two winters ago. Laptop on lap, I hunkered down on the couch for months on end, fingers flying on the keyboard in the kind of crazed typing that used to silence my children’s friends as they watched from the doorway.

Possibly inspired by true events, Where We Are is about two teens, Sesame, who’s alone in the world, and her boyfriend Micah, who watches helplessly as his parents fall under the spell of a cult leader who promises that a better world awaits them once they shed the refuse of the secular world. Vowing to watch over them, he disappears into an underground world along with his parents and the other cult members.

Sesame knows his life is in danger. She can sense it. She can feel him desperately calling to her to find him. But where is he? No one else, not even her best friends, believe the situation is as critical as she knows it is.

Fierce, intense, a race against the clock to find Micah before he disappears forever in the dead of a Minneapolis winter, Where We Are kept me awake at night as if I myself were Sesame. As if I myself had lost the person I most love in the world. As if we –Minneapolis, the USA, the world–are all in a fight against the forces that would take over our minds, and bodies, and souls.

From the jacket:

Micah is a boy who loves food, fire spinning, and cooking for Sesame. Sesame is a girl who loves poetry, dumplings, and finding poems for Micah. Together, they make plans: Micah will save his parents from a cult leader who proclaims himself the Prophet. Sesame, whose grandmother recently died, will no longer have to make her way in the world alone. Together, this seems easy.
Then Micah is gone.

Apart, Micah is a boy in trouble. Apart, Sesame is a girl alone in the world. Apart, everything seems hopeless. But it is when they are apart that they have the most faith in each other. Can that faith be their salvation?


Where We Are is available at the links below, and wherever and however you buy or borrow your books. As always, free virtual visits to any book club who chooses the novel!


  1. Gabrielle McGhee · August 2, 2020

    OMG. Prescient. Scary. I will order several Right Now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alisonmcghee · August 2, 2020

    You are the BEST!


  3. srnielsen@earthlink.net · August 3, 2020

    flipping love this.  

    Liked by 1 person

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