Poem of the Week, by Andrea Gibson

6 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Andrea Gibson”

  1. It’s an overwhelming poem to love, if that makes any sense, but the line that I will carry with me is the one about a heavy heart being a phone booth with a red cape in it. I will remember that particular detail amongst the hugeness and the Yes To That And That And That…-ness of it.

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  2. Hi Alison, thank you for this text. I really appreciated reading it. I just wanted to let you know that Andrea Gibson uses the pronouns they/them not she/her. It’s listed in the bios of their social media accounts. I just thought I’d let you know and gently ask that you respect their pronouns. I love what you said about how none of us are anonymous and we are all connected. that really resonated with me.

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    1. Thanks so much, Fern. I appreciate the request and will edit the blog accordingly. Weird that I missed it. I wonder if Andrea was using they/them in 2018 when it was published? I appreciate you letting me know!


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