Poem of the Week, by Hafiz

6 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Hafiz”

  1. Oh Elaine, how wonderful to find this note! I miss you. How serendipitous that you stumbled across the blog and the podcast. Thank you for your kind words. . . I’m sending love to you and your family. XOXO


  2. Hi, I was going to post this poem on Facebook so I did a search and found this. I love your introduction, it’s so true that energy runs deeply through us around us and has the ability to connect us. I found your introduction just as insightful as the Hafiz poem.

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  3. Drew, how cool that you stumbled on the poem and intro here. I love the serendipity of that – and thank you for your kind kind words. A happy new year full of Hafiz and connections and energy to you!


  4. Yes, Alison. Seems like ‘stumbling across your blog’ is the theme here. And absolutely true for me too. I was in on a zoom sunrise meditation session this morning, and the guest teacher read the poem by Hafiz (on Valentine’s Day). I loved it and started looking for various versions of it online, especially because the first one didn’t show a title, and that left me unsatisfied. I, like Drew, really resonated with your introduction about changing emotional energy. I believed and practiced that as a child but seem to have let it drift off as I got older. Thanks so much for restoring that memory and belief. Enough said for now, but I look forward to connecting again through your blog.

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  5. Miriam, I am so glad that you, too, stumbled across the blog post. I keep drawing on that childhood sense of power – we all still have it within. I’m so glad we’re connected now.

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