Poem of the Week, by Mary Oliver

10 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Mary Oliver”

  1. Well that has me crying! What a love story. I still miss my childhood dogs Spike and Peabop. Holes in our worlds and hearts stay with us for some time. So sorry about your wonderful Petey, but glad you had him. Sending love and hugs. >

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  2. Dear Alison,  I’m so sorry for your loss.   My yellow lab mutt is 11. She helped me get through when my husband had a traumatic brain aneurysm  and stroke November 11, 2015. Flown by helicopter to Rochester from Mankato. Five weeks there, four in a coma. Bethesda in St Paul 6 weeks for therapy. Three months in a nursing home in Mankato for rehabilitation and therapy. When I got home for a night here and there she was by my side.  I love her. My husband is a miracle.  Home, walking, talking, driving. No breathing tube. No trach.Doing great, but never will be the same.  Faith and family got me through. And, my dog, Jesse.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP Petey dear

    Hugs, Kathy W. . Try the top-rated email app

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    1. Dear Kathy, that’s an amazing story. All good wishes and thoughts to you, your husband, and that beautiful Jesse.


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