Poem of the Week, by Patricia Lockwood

7 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Patricia Lockwood”

  1. I almost don’t dare leave a comment.

    I have never, would never, commit a rape.

    But I know what it is to be male. To be young and male, all hormones and hubris. The power of Reason is a tricky god. Reason is a formula, but the values are subjective. We all have said things in a passion that we regret later. Words and actions blend in the alchemy of passion.

    Signals get crossed and misinterpreted.

    Yes these conversations need to happen. Young men need to have powerful role models. There is too much power for so little experience. Behaviors cannot become patterns.

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    1. Young men need powerful role models, absolutely. But/And girls have the same hormones. The fact that they (usually) are the ones viewed as prey, objects, their bodies not their own, is the reason why we’re in the midst of this great battle to upheave that construct. Thank God.


      1. There is a powerful black/white dichotomy for women that is unrealistic. You are either totally naive and innocent, or a slut. No where is there a space for the discerning woman.

        I would like to see women retake the original meaning of virgin, i.e. independent woman.

        I like the Buddhist dyad that believes that absolute innocence and complete wisdom are identical; undifferentiated perception.


  2. Shows how common and casual it is to devalue someone in a sexist society. Well-written poem about the cultural normalization of atrocity.


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