Poem of the Week, by David Hernandez

Kathmandu, upstate New York and New Hampshire. That is where the three youthful companions are heading, separately, this weekend. The fact that the youngest is moving into her freshman dorm right at this very minute means that one part of my life is over and another is beginning. Hello, sky. Nice to see you.


Sincerely, the Sky

– David Hernandez

Yes, I see you down there
looking up into my vastness.

What are you hoping
to find on my vacant face,

there between the crisscross
of telephone wires?

You should know I am only
bright blue now because of physics:

molecules break and scatter
my light from the sun

more than any other color.
You know my variations

azure at noon, navy by midnight.
How often I find you

then on your patio, pajamaed
and distressed, head thrown

back so your eyes can pick apart
not the darker version of myself

but the carousel of stars.
To you I am merely background.

You barely hear my voice.
Remember I am most vibrant

when air breaks my light.
Do something with your brokenness.


  1. Karen · August 30, 2014

    This is beautiful. And I’ve been thinking of you, and this new phase of life, and how I’m not that far behind (Oldest just started high school. I know it will go fast.) And–oh those last three lines. Thank you.


  2. nicole · September 2, 2014

    beautiful. xoxo. Enjoy the new phase and the new opportunities that it opens to you.


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