Andes Mint #29: "This that I see now."

3 thoughts on “Andes Mint #29: "This that I see now."”

  1. Oh, so beautiful. I’ve never read this book, but it’s been waiting for me for a while, in the pile of books my mom loved and is sure I will, too.


  2. Ah. I have done that a very few times consciously. One was my last evening at Cornell, when I borrowed a bike, rode all over the campus, and stopped, consciously, at several spots. I took a mental photo of each one, and still see them. My last time as a student in a place I loved …


  3. I just left a comment that disappeared!

    You write so beautifully about everything. I must think about re-reading those books which are old friends. I don’t know this one, but loved ‘My Side of the Mountain’ and ‘How Green Was My Valley’ at different times in my youth.


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