Poem of the Week, by Mark Leidner

Things to Call Water
– Mark Leidner

friend of the cup
void soda
idiot’s vodka
fool’s oil
pipe sap
tap wine
faucet gumbo
boiler’s tool
baby of snow
steam’s mom
hot dog blood
“Cannonball!” shrapnel
diver’s excuse
island ender
navy gravy
torpedo media
The Artist Formerly Known as Ice
Dances with Eels
Señor Osmosis
drowner’s woe
world launderer
arsonist’s boycott
Cousteau’s milieu
hydrophobe’s gutcheck
“intern at the cistern”
tempest gristle
Odyssey sauce
hemisphere paint
the ghost in the sauna
the condensed mists of time
zodiac milk
casino preserves
stork’s anklets
periscope’s necktie
rowboat wingspan
catfish litterbox
starfish cathedral
turbulence skein
stream bacon
river luggage
crystal chowder
geyser sperm
fin wind
loose frost
dank fire
blue flower

For more information on Mark Leidner, please click here: http://thermosmag.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/a-conversation-with-mark-leidner/

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  1. Karen · February 23, 2013

    Love this! I had to go through it super-slow, to really enjoy the imagery.


  2. nicole · February 28, 2013

    love this one so much!! I read it about 3 times. hilarious and awesome.


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