13 Ways of Looking at a Broken Leg

8 thoughts on “13 Ways of Looking at a Broken Leg”

  1. nooooo, alison! what part of it did you break? what a bummer. 😦 i hope it heals fast and flawlessly.

    your broken-legged driving, though, makes my broken-footed hobbling to the ER look like child’s play.



  2. Broke the fibula, alicatt, so it’s not a bad break. And broken-legged driving was actually easier than broken-legged hobbling with the windshield scraper – so I’d say we’re equal. 🙂 XO


  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry! A broken bone has a certain feel, doesn’t it? It’s been a while, but I remember.

    It’s interesting how important it was for people that you be “okay,” regardless of reality.

    I had an argument with a doctor, once, in which she pointed to an x-ray and told me my foot wasn’t swollen, and I pointed to my foot and tried to convince her it was. She won, and I walked around with tendonitis for a year before I was brave enough to go to another doctor. I keep hoping I’ve learned my lesson.

    And can I just say, the thought of trying to rate my pain ties me up in knots. I never know how to evaluate something like that. Being able to rate it accurately would probably get in the way of sometimes-necessary things like broken-legged driving. I’m impressed by that, too.

    I hope you heal quickly!


  4. Alison, All I kept thinking while reading this post was ‘she is wonderwoman’. I would have been on the phone to soemone to be there with me through out the ordeal of hospital etc. Whisky and painkillers always help. Take care of yourself. If you get a chance pop over to my new bloggyplace.

    Ps.How long for it to mend?


  5. It’s weird how these things happen in the blink of a moment. I was at the theatre once with my niece and I have no idea why but I fell and my knee started to bleed profusely. My niece looked at me and said Auntie Pie, AUNTIE PIE. Are you ok? Yes, I said crying because tears are my auto response for almost everything.
    I hope your leg fixes itself soon. Whiskey and painkillers sounds just about right:)
    Take care of yourself.


  6. Tessa: sorry, but the only thing I can focus on is that your niece calls you Auntie Pie. Auntie Pie?? I love it.

    HHB: I am *so* not Wonderman, much as I wish I were. (If you could see me crawling up the stairs, hauling my crutches along with me, and then reversing the process to come down again, I think you’d agree.)

    Karin: Yes, there’s something about a broken bone that you just know, instinctively. And what is up with the doctor insisting your foot wasn’t swollen, when you were pointing to its swollenness??

    Hope: Nope. Not worth it. SAD FACE.

    Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes. I should be back in action in another 6-8 weeks!


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