"It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there"

11 thoughts on “"It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there"”

  1. believe it or not, a couple of days ago i was reading the quote that makes up your blog title and resolved to email it to you. guess you took take care of that item on my mental to-do list.

    speaking of the canterbury tales, did you know that’s how my love wooed me? along with bringing me a bottle of wine, flowers, and a scrabble board, he quoted me passages from the canterbury tales he had memorized in high school decades before. in that deep lovely voice. what defenses had i against such a man? none, luckily.

    if i still had that bottle of wine, i would raise a glass and toast you, the one who made me into someone who would also prostitute herself for beautiful language.

    so basically it’s your fault that i fell for him. just kidding. it’s only your fault that i stay up way too late at night looking for beautiful language. you led me into the deep woods.


  2. this was a beautiful post. so in-depth and really shows your wonderful history and evolution with poetry.

    It also inspired me to read more poetry. I have the poets I like. That I think I’ve liked since high school… and beyond that, I never expand. I love reading your poems that you post weekly because it leads me to actually read poetry that I would never otherwise do. So, it keeps me exposed and I appreciate that. This post inspired me to go deeper. To seek out more poems. To pick up poetry books now and again. To try and explore. I explore so much literature, but so frequently ignore poetry…

    thank you for this one 🙂


  3. Oreo, I love that he wooed you with Chaucer. Doesn’t surprise me. And if it’s my fault that you ended up with him, I happily accept that blame. XO


  4. Nicole, I know from your Goodreads postings that you’re a huge reader and I so appreciate that. And if the poems of the week are valuable to you, then that makes me even happier. XO


    1. Beloved Alison Mcghee

      I found your site this morning. It is the 30th April 2022. New Moon in Taurus. The date makes The Number 13 – for The 13th Sacred Key – The LAW OF LOVE.

      Love connected me to you today.

      From the moment I began reading this post, till the end my soul was poised in celebration.

      I am using this space to connect with you. I hope it works…

      In divine love and golden light
      Shamla of Shamballa

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  5. It’s so good to have this Alison blog to read on a night that feels like poetry.

    I ran across the booklet of Found Poetry that my college writing kids made using Rainlight, and I will argue–gently–that it is a novel where plot and poetry walk beside each other as equals. Since you real writers don’t read your own stuff (big mistake!), perhaps you’ll just have to take my word for it.


  6. I was searching on those lines of Ashbery’s and came across this post, which is a beautiful piece of writing in itself and made me think, well, I must look for her novels. And then looking at your books page I see you are in part responsible for some of my 3-yr-old daughter’s favourite books (the Bink and Gollie), and so I had to tell you how much joy you’ve brought into her life with them, and how I now look very much forward to reading your other work.


  7. Dear Cassandra, what a nice note! I’m so glad that your daughter loves the B&G books. The “novelist” I refer to in this post, the one I was sitting next to at the language/story lecture, is Kate, the writer I wrote the B&G books with. Tell your daughter I said “Greetings,” and I hope you enjoy the novels.


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