Day Sixteen: and wild and sweet the words repeat

5 thoughts on “Day Sixteen: and wild and sweet the words repeat”

  1. Wow, I saw that beautiful mosaic while driving past and meant to return to see it closer. I had no idea that it referenced what is also one of my favorite poems ever. I’m going to have to go take a picture of that and put it up where it will remind me to ask myself that question daily.


  2. Hi Allison, I just have to comment – love this! I did not know the poem (should have) and I’m so glad I know it now. Thank you for sharing…do you know anything about the artist who created the mosaic? I am so enjoying your never done before challenges. Reading every one, lurker that I am…I am inspired to get back on the blog horse and do something like it myself. Thanks again.


  3. Denise, it makes me happy that you love the poem. It’s one of my all-time favorites. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenges. . . only eleven days to go!


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