Day Fourteen: In Chinese we call this "kuaizi toufa." Or at least I do.

4 thoughts on “Day Fourteen: In Chinese we call this "kuaizi toufa." Or at least I do.”

  1. This post has made my day! I always thought I was the only one who didn’t know how to do the seemingly-effortless bun-in-chopsticks/pencil maneuver. I wouldn’t have realized there are videos on such things. If I can figure this out, it could really improve the rest of this very hot summer for me!


  2. Thanks to you, I might finally be able to stop hating those effortless pencil/chopsticks in bun people and join them, which would do my heart good.

    By the way, I did much better this weekend. Day 14 I went to a music festival I’ve never gone to in a town I’ve never been to and heard bands I’ve never heard live. Day 15 I rocked this challenge like never before. I went to the workplace of one of my oldest friends for the first time, which also happened to be my first experience in a sushi restaurant. And let me tell you, did I ever eat things I had never seen, heard of, or tasted before. She ordered a smattering of tiny plates full of things that are evidently considered to be delicacies in some circles, and every time the waiter set something new down, I found myself thinking, “But they forgot to cook it! Oh, that’s right. This is sushi.” The strangest new thing I had: raw quail eggs. Also, are you aware that some people ruin spring rolls by frying them? I never knew such sacrilege existed.


  3. this looks awesome!!! I am so proud that you figured out how to do this after wanting to. Better late than never right. You’ve also given me something to try when my hair grows out more. I think you are right, this is totally why YouTube was invented.


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