Day Twelve of the never done before challenge: Handstand!

Since it looks as if the universe doesn’t want me to eat with my left hand only, which is a nice way of saying that once again I couldn’t seem to manage even a sip of coffee without using my right hand hand, I’ve moved on to other things.

If you click here you’ll be able to see exactly what I’ve done with my time over the last two hours –and yes, that would be a full two hours, which you’ll find hard to believe once you click on the link, but I am nothing if not honest on this blog– but just in case you can’t really tell what’s going on in my little video, let me describe it to you:

That stick figure with the footless legs and handless arms (those things sticking out of her head are pigtails) is a girl.

She’s very unhappy because she can’t do a handstand (handstands are easier to draw than headstands, and yes, I do consider these pictures to be drawings).

She’s so unhappy that she even cries!

Then she decides to try to do a handstand one more time.

And this time, she succeeds!

See her big upside down smile? That’s because she’s so happy.

Then she un-handstands herself and keeps smiling.

See her giant teeth of happiness? (You might not be able to because the last few pages kept flipping too fast.)

Me to YC: This took me two hours to make.

YC: Really?

Me: Yup.

YC: Well, it’s really, really good.

Me: Thank you.


  1. Karen · July 20, 2012

    Hooray! I like the flipbook very much, myself.


  2. oreo · July 21, 2012

    that is *so* cute. reminds me of my childhood attempts at same, except that i can’t draw for shit. never could, and i imagine never will. maybe i should just pretend that my deformed portrayals are intentional and for the purpose of making a deep metaphorical statement.

    also maybe i should stop pretending that i can keep up with you in the realm of novelty, because this is getting altogether too difficult. i’m grasping for straws, desperately going over the events of the day as midnight approaches, hoping that i managed to do at least one thing i hadn’t done before. i think that’s not the point. like maybe it is actually supposed to be intentional. but i don’t really want to stop trying because the only way i can get through waiting for our next road trip in nine days is to think i might not have to wait nine days to do something new. so here are the straws i grasped for, and i swear i will do better. i even have something planned for tomorrow.

    day 11 i started reading “the new jim crow: mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness,” a book i’ve never read before.

    day 12 hmm. you could say that for the first time i failed in my attempt to do something new each day for a month in honor of my friend’s birthday. but that would nullify the failure by fulfilling the newness clause, and the logic would get pretty confusing. so let me grasp harder for a straw. um, i ate a new kind of cupcake? i went to book club with my friend and no one else showed up so we had our own little conversation and i listened to crazy stories i hadn’t heard before? there’s gotta be something in there.

    day 13 i sat across the table from a man reading a 21 year-old life magazine and watched him laugh out loud and furrow his brow like he was reading about current events. pretty sure i haven’t seen that before. also as a bonus i again ran a mile at a pace i haven’t ever run as an adult. notice i am not actually stating the time, as i am surely a turtle in comparison to you and most of the general public. but a proud turtle i am.


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