A Never Before Done Thing: Day Four

3 thoughts on “A Never Before Done Thing: Day Four”

  1. I’m technically keeping up with the McGhee, but my lame imitations of novelty are greatly lacking in hilarity by comparison. Day four held two small new things: first, a drink I haven’t tried before, namely a vanilla late with homemade vanilla that they distill from beans shipped here from a warmer clime. It was tasty, but not particularly funny nor worthy of a story. Next I visited a new mother who had not been able to bring her premature baby home from the hospital yet. Never have gone to congratulate a mom on a birth and not seen evidence of a baby. Especially since her stomach in its midriff-baring top was already completely flat, it seemed kind of surreal and unbelievable. Like here are some toys for your imaginary baby. Hopefully one of these days my new thing will be actually meeting the little guy.


  2. This is even better than the possibility of the Crown Vic, which held such promise. And bright red, too. Tell me that Fate hasn’t lined up a month’s worth of unequaled opportunities.


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