What Was Really Happening

12 thoughts on “What Was Really Happening”

  1. Your work is so beautiful. My daughter will be leaving next year…. and I’ll have no kids at home. I’m sad for myself, and for them… but of course excited for them also. But life can be bittersweet. Thanks for writing.


  2. I remember holding my oldest as a newborn, and watching his father coming down the stairs. It struck me that some day this baby would be that size, and I would watch him come down the stairs and not even know how I got there. These days the top of his head fits just under my chin, if I raise it high enough. There is something both beautiful and heartbreaking about that.

    What a beautiful post–I love your writing. Thank you for sharing it.


  3. I used to sleep like that, at Granny McGhee’s , and even at Shermanbrook, because somehow I could let go. And I think that death is also like that … a peaceful letting go.


  4. Wow…I just happened on this. Get the poems but never been to the blog before. Alison, you are amazing. And the Li young Lee excerpt… How perfect.


  5. Margaret, I’m so glad you stumbled onto the blog. Thank you for your kindness. And if I had to guess, I’d guess that Li-Young Lee would be a poet you’d love.


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