a pretty a day (and every fades) is here and away –

3 thoughts on “a pretty a day (and every fades) is here and away –”

  1. Alison, just read this blog – but had commented in FB the other day.

    Me too, hundreds of letters… treasure. Last winter I did the sorting into piles, and reading some and being almost overwhelmed with the love, the friends, the history shared, and sometimes the loss. The precious handwriting of my grandparents and the wise things they told me. Old lovers, long over. I laughed and cried. Was reminded of time passing and went looking for an old dear friend. Had it really been that many years since a letter? It took a few months to track Oakie down. Addresses and phone numbers not current. And I was stunned to learn he’d taken his life a few years before. Fresh grief for me. Like a detective I traced down his other friends to get the story. And sometimes tore off their protective scabs. Those letters, his letters, re-read on a mountain. And I wrote him one more and read it aloud to the wind.

    I too think of how our kids won’t have many letters. Email disappears. That beautiful unique handwriting not found there. I love how each person so evident in a glance. You say it so well.

    I was obsessed for months with the rediscovery of all those words and friends and family. Their travels. Hopes and passions.

    And have a new appreciation for them all – and continue to write and sometimes they even write back. And I won’t let time pass by without checking in, to be sure those I love are alright.

    Thanks Alison.

    xoxo Diane


  2. Oh and I forgot to say, all that letter delving became a painting. I’ll try and send a photo of it to you.



  3. Diane, thank you for writing in. What a beautiful story of your letters, comforting and heartbreaking (Oakie) at the same time. You’re inspiring me to go back through the boxes and this time read each letter. I’d love to see a photo of your painting.


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