"Perhaps this soil is singing"

6 thoughts on “"Perhaps this soil is singing"”

  1. It’s 2.20am. I got up because sleep wouldn’t come. My mind full of the artworks I have seen at an exhibit tonight. Many ways of ‘seeing’ in miniature.

    Your words sing to me in this quiet night, they will stay with me. Thankyou.


  2. What a lovely thought–that each thing, each detail, is the work of an artist. Beautifully said.

    I’ve wondered for a long time if it was possible to know if chocolate tasted the same to any two people, or if a c# sounded the same way to others as it did to me. It’s amazing, too, how learning even the smallest bit about another field or discipline gives you a glimpse into another world.


  3. Consoling and wonderful.

    It worries me sometimes that people have to do all the things they do which I would find so difficult, and, solipsist that I am, I find it very hard to believe that those things come easily and/or pleasurably to them. I feel very humbled and thankful that they do.


  4. Thank you for these comments, lovely people – I so appreciate them. Lucy, I’m the same way. I look at the kind of work that, say, accountants do, and I’m so filled with admiration and also pity for them, because my God, how incredibly hard their work is. When to them it’s as fascinating as writing a novel is to me. Or I hope it is, anyway.

    Some people are just born to their work and know it from the start, I think.


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