The world is too much with us

8 thoughts on “The world is too much with us”

  1. Despite the fact that I would never hike a mountain, never force myself to examine why, and am more likely to use my six hour breaks to rush to the beach, I read this and thought: she and I are exactly the same. I wonder how you do that.


  2. oh, how often fear has stood between me and the top of the mountain — but with age, I’ve found there is so much less fear and so much more joy than ever before. Now if I don’t get to the top, it is more likely because I dawdled along the way, looking at things close at hand which are equally compelling to what my sister and I always called “The BTV”*. Thanks for a wonderful post.
    *=breath taking view


  3. As we were driving through the Shenandoah mountains the other day, we picked up an older couple hitching a ride into town to get new boots and food as they hiked the Appalachian trail, an endeavor which was taking half a year of their retired lives. I was so jealous! When I said I would still love to do at least part of it someday, the male half of their marital team said it’s doable at that age as long as you maintain a basic level of fitness throughout life. I think he gave me a skeptical look, which I chose to ignore. I don’t know if I’ll ever do the whole Appalachian trail (methinks the male half of my marital team would object heartily, not to mention my knees), but Snake Mtn seems a doable goal and I shall now place it upon my list.

    I refuse to believe that my youthful companion will not enjoy walking as much as his mother, and am in fact about to start training him on hills (aka goofing around in the woods) so that he’s ready when we hit the mountains. He seems to have mountain-love in his blood already (the excitement of seeing a wild bear didn’t hurt), so I don’t think it will be much of a problem.

    And I shall work on training myself to be more fearless.


  4. this post took me back to so many hikes I have taken myself, and the beauty of them.

    Beautiful written, I felt like I was right with you on this Snake Mountain hike… and Naked Man – hahaha too funny! So wonderful that you’ve got so many lovely memories from this spot.


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