The things you never knew

4 thoughts on “The things you never knew”

  1. its sound wonderful you get to take this trip with your youthful companion and learn new things about her 🙂

    The sprawling across the bed makes me laugh and smile, and I love that she already has chosen her signature look. These posts make me smile so much because I think teenagers are (generally) really fabulous as are road trips.

    Enjoy the last 1000 miles!


  2. I believe, even while I know I have no idea, that my own youthful companions will prove themselves to be more mysterious than I ever thought. What a wonderful-sounding trip, though, and what a special time together. Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful!


  3. Great, funny piece of writing. I chuckled, I chortled…I even wished I had beheld/suffered the Death Stare. One of those pieces where love of and appreciation for the subject, coupled with some mad writing skills, make for a great read. And will make for an even better re-read.


  4. Thanks, Nicole and Karen and Z’Driz. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. . . I miss the west! Nicole, I know you’re a wanderer too. Karen, yes, I believe that your youthful companions will be ever fascinating. Z’Driz, mayhap you’ll be able to behold the Death Stare at a Twins game later this summer!


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