The Continental Divide

8 thoughts on “The Continental Divide”

  1. In our quest for weiners, you didn’t spot Anthony Weiner by any chance, did you?
    I am also fascinated with the fact that you and Oatie peed on the continental divide!! That is hilarious! I love reading your adventures.


  2. Ah, the feeling of not wanting to go back is familiar. At least you get to go back with someone who seems like a lovely youthful companion/part hippie.

    I love the humor here.


  3. makes me want to leave the sanctuary of my summer island, jump in the car with my own youthful companion (daughter, not pool boy) and head west to anywhere.


  4. i would not in fact assume that a youthful companion would remain in a far corner of a king size bed, as my youthful companion is two feet shorter than yours and already quite adept at commandeering the king so there is not a single unoccupied adult-sized space remaining. horrors to think how large and sprawling he’ll be at her age if he keeps growing like this! but won’t i be happy to have him sprawling anywhere near me, dreading the day i don’t have to worry about having my own space.


  5. Oreo: same here.
    Hope and Gabrielle and Joe and Kris and Diane: thanks! My youthful companion and I do not want to come home.
    Jonathan: wow – so good to hear from you! Maybe I’ll see you at reunion next year.


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