From the mountain: three small talks

5 thoughts on “From the mountain: three small talks”

  1. I have enjoyed reading about your road trip. That’s a lovely photo, well worth clicking on to enlarge.

    The fat chipmunk might be a pregnant one. You will end up with eight chipmunks!

    (If you do need easy photo editing, you could try Google’s Picasa. Downloads in a couple of minutes and really is easy and fun…)


  2. Thanks, D&K and L. So far it’s been a wonderful trip.

    Lucy, I once had Picasa on another computer but never did anything with it. I will absolutely download it again and actually *use* it this time. When it comes to photos I am terrible.

    The fat chipmunk remained on the mountain. My youthful companion loves animals of all kinds, from chipmunks to horses to elephants, and would like a ranch on which to keep them all. It’s surprisingly fun to plan out the imaginary ranch as we go along. . .


  3. oh my god did i ever spend so very many childhood hours planning my animal-filled ranch. tell yc to bring me back a chipmunk in honor of that memory, will you?


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