Something you would think but never say

3 thoughts on “Something you would think but never say”

  1. I love this post. I love the tone, and feeling it evokes. Its a wonderful insight into the rituals that occur in life – those little things that are special to us – no matter how silly. We’ve come to love them. They make us smile.

    This post left a big smile on my face, making me think of these things in my own life.

    Beautiful written.


  2. I think it’s a gift we give our children, these traditions. My dad loves the 11:11 on the clock. I think of him every time I see it, which is comforting, since he lives 1500 miles away from me and I rarely get to see him.

    We’ve always had a traveling tradition in our little family. As we approach a state line, and see the welcome sign ahead, someone in the car starts a slow, quiet chant – “hip……hip….hip….”

    Others hear it and join in, increasing the volume and speed. “hip..hip..Hip..Hip…HIP…”

    Momentum builds.

    Then as we pass the sign the whole car breaks into a loud “HOORAY!”

    We’ve done this since the kids were toddlers. Now two are legal adults. Yet just this weekend, as we drove through three states, traveling to NH from our home in NY to visit grandma, the kids still did it. Unprovoked.

    I like to think of them doing it, at least in their heads, as they go on their own travels some day. It’s like a piece of our family that will stay with them always.

    Great post, that dredged up great memories. 🙂



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