And paced upon the mountains overhead

5 thoughts on “And paced upon the mountains overhead”

  1. In the old house where the girls grew up, under the floor boards in Charlotte’s room, I found corn cobs, piles of corn cobs from 1842, discarded and boarded over, forgotten and lived with for a hundred and sixty years. Someone’s lunch, mayhap.


  2. This makes me think of Rilke’s ‘Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge’, only threaded with perhaps rather more of joy, less of despair…


  3. I live near Lisbon ,in Cacém – Sintra .
    Since than, I married ,I have a boy (André,is 22 years old) and a girl (Inês – 19 years old.)I ‘m divorced. Me and my ex-husband, we are good friends .I’m a lawyer: my parent’s still alive. Mother is going to be happy when il tell her that I find you. Paulo too. He got married, has two daughters. I want to go to Angola for holidays, to see how economy and social sings are going


    Angela Paula Vieira Lopes


  4. This spring we’ve been working a lot in the yard and garden, pulling up railroad ties and slabs of concrete, putting in shrubs and flowers. Every time we dig into the earth we find 13-year cicadas in their holes, pale and not yet ready to come above ground. I love being reminded of the things unseen, underneath, alongside.

    Thank you for such beautiful, challenging writing.


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