Portrait of a Friend, Vol. 2

7 thoughts on “Portrait of a Friend, Vol. 2”

  1. by the end, i felt like i had lost a friend and would never be able to eat another pb-on-white-bread sandwich without a lump in my throat.

    and i will wager that she liked you for more than just the fact that she liked nearly everyone.


  2. I love these portraits. “She was also unafraid of things that you were afraid of, like saying out loud that which scared you, hurt you, made you angry.” –what a rare and good friend.


  3. Yes I’m Terry….You Knew growing up. I am the Infamous Theresa Carol Lynskey. Lol.. I love your Work..Alison! I had always imagined you as the Intuitive, Creative…..Artist. I love the tribute to Caroly….I imagine She Loves it….! Talk to u More soon…E-mail me if You find time. TCL


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