What would you take with you, if you could?

6 thoughts on “What would you take with you, if you could?”

  1. If I’m not waking up in that middle of the night terror and I can’t take the obvious, what would I take?

    A good pair of running shoes. My Brooks Adrenaline 9’s. The ones that feel like air, so light and tight and right on my feet; where the last thing that crosses my mind is what connects me to the road. The ones that allow me to pretend I am more nimble than I really am.


  2. I would bring the complete works of Mary Oliver, or maybe Stanley Kunitz. No wait, I would bring Billy Collins, or maybe Sharon Olds. Or an anthology of poetry – all the best poetry in the world. A big book, but required if I can only bring one thing.


  3. i’m going to cling to the hope that somehow, we do get to take those we love with us, in some way. like the reverse of the hope you gave me that those who have gone before us aren’t truly lost to us when their love has been infused into our life and let loose in this world.

    have you ever heard that death cab for cutie song “i will follow you into the dark”? when i first heard of it i thought of my love, but upon further listening it really could be applied to your child or best friend or anyone you love enough to follow them into the dark. it gets me every time.


  4. I would, will, take the rock solid knowledge that I have been well loved, and have loved well. That I have given to the world the best (for the most part) I could give.


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