“The cook cares not a bit for toil, toil, if the fowl be plump and fat.”

2 thoughts on ““The cook cares not a bit for toil, toil, if the fowl be plump and fat.””

  1. I have a pair of very nice bamboo knitting needles. They’re so smooth, and pretty, and just the right weight. And I bought the most bee-yoo-ti-ful ball of yarn, I mean really just gorgeous. One of those variagated patterns, with my favorite shades of blue and purple, so deeply colored that it almost seems selfish to hoard all that hue in one place. Yeah, I really enjoy looking at those needles and that yarn. Have for some years now. I truly did mean to use them for my first knitstuff project, having friends who sit there with fingers flicking, seeming so poised and calm and in the end holding up a funky fabric accessory. I mean, how hard could it be? (Not to mention the multi-tasking aspect–I am all about that).

    But among my flaws is that I won’t try something unless I’m relatively sure I’ll be reasonably good at it, and after further consideration of the flicking fingers and perusal of the manual that my stepdaughter used to teach herself as a mere child, I gave up before even beginning. I’d rather gaze at those slender needles and bright chunky yarn sitting on the shelf, accouterments that say I’m the kind of person who would knit. And I would, except then I’d end up writing something like the above, so I’ll just skip the whole shebang because really how much better would the yarn look just because I knitted and purled it into a different form? Frankly, I probably wouldn’t be doing it any favors. The only drawback is that I can’t share it with the world as I could were it in, say, scarf shape. So if you ever see me with a giant ball of yarn pinned to my jacket , you’ll know why.


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