True, true, not true

2 thoughts on “True, true, not true”

  1. oh, i just LOVE that game. it’s a maddening obsession, though. now i’m not going to be able to sleep until i know which one (you don’t have to ruin it for everyone, though). my first thought was the boars. the little old granny in me thought, oh my, i do hope she wasn’t really that close enough to those dangerous things, with their scary tusks and all. then i thought the little old lady in the black pantsuit, but upon reconsideration, truth is often stranger than fiction. so it was the boars. or the golf cart. maybe. ah, such will spin my mind.


  2. Every one is so beautifully described that I think they all are true. I was saddened, however, by the tale of the scarf.


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