What She's Grateful for

7 thoughts on “What She's Grateful for”

  1. Great. I think I’ll do this, but I don’t know if I’ll get round to writing it down, I might do it when I’m going to sleep, I do a lot of alphabet things then, rarely getting to the end…

    I liked doing the newspaper thing with silly putty, then we called it potty putty. And I’m delighted there’s a funny boy on the school bus called Victorious!


  2. Mary and Lucy and herhimnbryn (Bryn was on my short list of favorite girl names), I’m also grateful for all of you. The little penguins are actually part of a child’s game called Penguin Pile-up, but somehow they’ve migrated from various points in the house to perch above the window staring down at me.

    I’m always hoping that there will be a new Victorious story from the schoolbus – from all accounts he’s a boy with a destiny as a) a preacher or b) a politician. (Perhaps there’s not all that much difference?)


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