On Sugar Mountain

7 thoughts on “On Sugar Mountain”

  1. Just arrived as if by accident, cast up on the beach in a sheltered cove, while surfing the web. Thank you for the spring of fresh water, the soft sand, the warming sun.

    Where is your friend? “The red-lipped girls are sleeping/ in fields where roses fade..” And where are we, who once felt so simply, so deeply? I’m happy to see that the little girl in you is getting regular postcards. Otherwise she might get quite lonely.

    Now what to say to that little boy who has long awaited a postcard from me? And where did I leave the address?


  2. As always, your writing takes me out of myself and into your world… the world of that lovely yellow-haired girl, the scent of sun speckled afternoons in the fields or the woods, the word game (this is interesting … was it one of their own concocting), the stomach aches, the nausea and burning and leaving. Did her family still live in a trailer in Florida among those orange blossoms. Has the teller searched for her friend on Google? White pages? I don’t really want to know. Better the dream of memory.


  3. Sigh, your words and thoughts are so touching, so lovely. I have tears in my eyes…And that picture…you captured a special moment in time…A part of me wrote this, lived this… I have much to write…sometime…I don’t know when though…I happened upon this accidentally and I wonder, where else will it lead me…thank you


  4. thank you, dear sue and charletta and pepper and lucy and beryl and hal.

    guess what? the beautiful girl has been found, across the ocean, and we are back in touch.


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