Let Us Borrow Light


“We have cried for so long. Let us borrow light from the star that will appear for us tomorrow.”

– Marie Luise Kaschnitz

Blessings on those who in this moment are crying, and blessings on those who are laughing. Blessings on the old woman in the market who could not reach the high shelf. Blessings on the dogs who know when their humans are suffering, and who push their noses into upturned palms. Blessings on the child who sits in the entryway of the Chinese restaurant, selling Girl Scout cookies. Blessings on the boy who waits for the mail. Blessings on the girl who is afraid of being kidnapped. Blessings on the child who is training herself to run. Blessings on those dazzled by the brilliance when the plane bursts above the cloudcover. Blessings on the brother who loves his son. Blessings on the man and woman who return to their home after a long journey, and blessings on the bird who in their absence has built a nest in the woodstove chimney. Blessings on the sister who would plant her apple tree even if the world were to end tomorrow. Blessings on those who do not know themselves beloved. Blessings on the unmet friend in a far-off country who sends words of hope on a gray morning. Blessings on the girl who taught herself how to bake bread. Blessings on the child who carried her books tight against her chest in a long-ago alley. Blessings on those who love, and those who lose themselves in love, and those who at this moment cannot feel themselves loved. Blessings on you, yes, you.


  1. Beryl Singleton Bissell · March 26, 2009

    This reads like a psalm of worship … 148-150 where everything is called on to praise the lord. In this lovely blessing, you’ve become a psalmist.


  2. Shirley Westenskow · March 26, 2009

    Blessings on the author of this lovely prayer!! I have already passed it on to many!


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