The Coin of the Realm


The $11 that fell out of your pocket when you were in the movie theater with PG + the $20 bill found on top of the “sanitary disposal” container at the Kayuta Drive-In – $7.25 in quarters left in various gum machines around the country so as to make little children happy + $1.50 found in gum machines in the Utica/Rome area of upstate New York when you yourself were a child – $775 which was deposited into your Wells Fargo checking account but never made it there + the $500 Target gift card your parents gave you when you were down on your luck – the $20 bill given to your youngest to bulk up her school lunch account but which never made it there + $3.79 found in and around washing machine and dryer over two years’ of laundry – $300 deposit forfeited to northwoods resort when you had to cancel trip + ten $5 bills folded in half and tucked into birthday cards by your grandmother for birthdays 5-15 + $10 bill folded in half and tucked into birthday cards for birthdays 15-39 – $25 expired gift card to local restaurant at which you once ate a blue-cheese-laden pizza that makes you feel full just to think of + three wrinkled $1 dollar bills found in back pocket of old jeans – $.10 that fell through the gutter + $25 Electric Fetus gift card given to you by brother – $7 in now-unusable T tokens + three $100 dollar bills given to you over three successive Christmases – $2 bill you gave to the nice waitress at Rainbow as a bonus tip on top of her tip – six shiny 2009 pennies you left face up on the pavement to make six strangers happy because Find a Penny Pick It Up All the Day You’ll Have Good Luck but only, in your personal variation, if the penny is heads-up = O. And there we have it.

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