The Seams of Rippage

One thought on “The Seams of Rippage”

  1. my high school homeroom teacher told me that i would do just fine in her home ec class, not believing my protests that i cannot sew, that neither needles nor sewing machines can be directed in a straight line by my hand. at the end of the semester, she sat me down and said, “you’re right–your’re hopeless. the worst i’ve ever seen. you couldn’t even make a decent pillowcase! but i’m giving you an A anyway because you tried so hard.”

    and on i went with my life, having achieved the dubious honor of being declared officially hopeless in the domestic arena. but unlike you, mcghee, i did not overcome my handicap to create gorgeous quilted works of art. somehow your inauspicious seam-ripping beginning turned into something beautiful, which is more than i can say for myself.


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