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Why does your dog immediately do the downward dog every time he sees you pick up his leash? Why do so many people prefer their beverages icy cold? Why do you prefer yours room temperature? Is spontaneous combustion for real? Why are you so afraid to do a headstand? How did that magician in New Hampshire make that big birdcage full of doves disappear? Why are you the only person in the world unable to make it through either The Corrections or Middlesex? Why does the childhood best friend face of Cindy Schultz come shimmering up to you early each morning? Where is Cindy Schultz now? Why do you remember being born but not what came before? Why does the song Hey Ya by Outkast still make you happy every time you hear it? Whatever happened to those white pants you used to wear in middle school, the ones that said “Darwin Failed” and “Kilroy Was Here” on them? Why is it that just when you catch your breath and look around, your children are almost grown? Why do you often wake up not knowing how old you are or what year it is? Why do carbonated beverages give you a stomach ache? What would you do if there was an earthquake in your city and all the gas lines ruptured? Why does being the first to dip a spoon into a brand-new jar of peanut butter still make you so happy? Why does the ringing of a phone still make you feel as if something wonderful might be happening? Have you told your beloveds that you love them, and have you told them often, and recently, so that if you die unexpectedly on this very day, they will be able to say, “at least I always knew how much she loved me”?


  1. G. Reine Laurel · February 5, 2009

    Yes to the last.


  2. alison · February 5, 2009

    You can sally forth into your day, then, with a calm heart.


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