A Boy Jumps Overboard

5 thoughts on “A Boy Jumps Overboard”

  1. It’s quite fitting that you come from people who swim to shore and haul themselves up into a new life. I agree with ben above – I’d love to read the embellished version.


  2. i channeled my grandmother’s voice telling me that story, which happened literally hundreds of times since i had breakfast with her every summer morning, and tried my best to write it as i heard it. it was awfully hard though, not to embellish. you really need to see her in her housecoat, sitting at the formica table in the trailer kitchen, smoking her first lark of the day, me watching to see the ash grow perilously long and then saying, “flick,” so she’d ash it into the ashtray and not her coffee. and listening to her tell her stories of new york, and how she always wanted to go to paris, but didn’t have the chance, while i drank my hot chocolate and spread margarine from a little plastic tub extremely thickly on two pieces of toasted roman meal bread.


  3. Please write to me because I am making some research on men from my grand father village who came to america. I know where Paul AJAS was born in the Pyrenées mountains. I know that Reine had a sister named Germaine. That was the name of Paul AJAS mother


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