New Books

4 thoughts on “New Books”

  1. Hey, nice to know you have enjoyed Drazen Kozjan’s work. Tell him I am disappointed he did not tell us before! 🙂

    Good luck!



  2. Alison –

    I saw an ARC of “Bye-bye, Crib” at a workshop in March with Audra Penfold. How adorable! And the illustrations took me back to books I remember from being that small.

    Hope you’re well. How are things?



  3. I am so glad I chose Julia Gillian as our first summer read aloud. I have four children and a husband from Minneapolis. We just began reading this week, and we are all in love with Julia Gillian (and Bigfoot). We especially enjoy the references to Minneapolis. What a wonderful way for us to give our children yet another connection to my husband’s home. You have six new fans in Edenton, NC.


  4. I just finished Julia Gillian. I had to steal while my daughter wasn’t looking… she stole it right back!
    I LOVED it. What an awesome tale, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. (real tears) What a beautiful zippy book for a nine year old and her mama to share. : )


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