A few of the things that are difficult when you live in a place where it's -11 degrees at 9:25 a.m.

5 thoughts on “A few of the things that are difficult when you live in a place where it's -11 degrees at 9:25 a.m.”

  1. Well, beauty can surely be attributed to winter, but also to death, pain, and tough lessons learned, among other unpleasant experiences. People need to stop confusing beauty with comfort and enjoyment. Just because the sun sparkles so prettily on the snow those few hours it deigns to shine doesn’t mean the cold isn’t half-killing you and trying its damndest to ruin the moment.

    I’d blabber on, as philosophy majors are prone to doing, but my fingers are stiffening outside their gloves. Inside the house.


  2. The only thing I could add is that, on occasion here in Utah, we get the same cold, the same frost bite, but the gloom is worse. With mountains surrounding the Salt Lake Valley, we sit in a literal bowl which often causes us to experience an inversion – the cold air (smog, fog, smoke, etc.) is trapped by a warmer layer – and it can last for weeks. I believe the record without seeing the sun is 28 days. Think of your cold, and being trapped inside a bowl of oatmeal at the same time.

    I feel your pain, I really do!


  3. I am thrilled with your choice of “When I met my Muse” as quoted atop your website. And while musing amidst our cold and colder, somehow we are not alone. Outer webbing, inner starstream, and cold-cut self re-assembled beyond shivered shards….
    Thank you.


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