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  1. Alison,

    I, too, love William Maxwell’s work. I grabbed as much as I could find from the bookstore. I also discovered A William Maxwell Portrait, Memories and Appreciations, which pleased me because it included pieces by Charles Baxter and Paula Fox.

    What a writer and person he was….



  2. “Snap”. A book of sadness and a touch to the heart. “All Rivers Flow To The Sea” unfinished but soon to be finished and will be expectedly good. But can’t beat snap.


  3. I finished reading “Snap” and it left me feeling as if I had found

    a special treat. The characters seemed completely real and honest.

    thank you, Alison. I am going to check out the William Maxwell collection.



  4. I have to thank you so much for writing “Someday.” I recently met my daughter (in a far away country) who we will be adopting. . . someday. As I was looking for books on adoption at my local bookstore, I ran into yours. While it wasn’t about adoption, it said everything I wanted to say to her. I stood there in the book store, tears springing to my eyes. I had to close it up, buy it, and finish it when I got home. I loved it so much, I sent a copy to my own mother. Thank you. Thank you. A thousand times, thank you.


  5. Susan, one of my own children is adopted too. I’m glad that Someday spoke to you. Blessings on you and your new daughter.


  6. Alison, I read Shadow in two days. It would have been one day but I wanted to cherish it longer. I hate it that I finished. Like saying goodbye to an old friend who you understand and who understands you. Thank you for Shadow Baby.
    Best To You,


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