My Tattoo Story: Lenore and Alison

Lenore, Hoboken Alison, Minneapolis, Vermont and southern California We’re both writers, and we met last month at the Sharjah International Reading Festival in the United Arab Emirates. It was one of those instant connections, an immediate friends-forever sort of thing. The week we spent in Sharjah was filled with deep conversations with writers and illustrators from around … Continue reading My Tattoo Story: Lenore and Alison

My Tattoo Story: Jacob

Jacob, Los Angeles My very first tattoo was what started my career. It was a determined step forward into a new life and a step toward new goals. It was a statement of commitment, whether or not I knew how far I would have to go. All of my tattoos inspire me to try to be … Continue reading My Tattoo Story: Jacob

My Tattoo Story: Dennis

Dennis, Houston I just published a book titled “The Play’s the Thing,” aimed at young adults, with the goal of making Shakespeare something that you want to read instead of have to read. Shakespeare’s plays have been incredibly meaningful to me, and I decided to commemorate the end of the project with two tattoos. The first … Continue reading My Tattoo Story: Dennis