Ocean Ghazal He came spiraling back up the stairs, all four flights, two at a time Dark coat flying, dark eyes searching, something more to tell her, that last time. At night by the ocean, salt spray and laughter and a dive in dark water. Kisses, soft, then silence and her body, alive with longing. … Continue reading Ghazal*

Longing for the Dance

Longing for the Dance What were you faithful to, back then, alone long nights when those in other rooms slept on? You’d look out at the stars, those nights you spun a world of other places, all undone from your small self, so still in the small bed that you were faithful to, back then, … Continue reading Longing for the Dance

Poem of the Week, by Mark Irwin

Woolworth’s – Mark Irwin (for Gerald Stern) Everything stands wondrously multicolored and at attention in the always Christmas air. What scent lingers unrecognizably between that of popcorn, grilled cheese sandwiches, malted milkballs, and parakeets? Maybe you came here in winter to buy your daughter a hamster and were detained by the bin of Multicolored Thongs, … Continue reading Poem of the Week, by Mark Irwin