Andes Mint #25: By the Numbers

Zip codes in which you have lived: 13354, 02114 (past), 55408 (current), and 05346 (also current). Apartments: six. Houses: four. Bathroomless one-room cabins in Dummerston, Vermont: one. Children, two of whom are now as tall or taller than you: three. Neurotic cats: one. Hyper dogs who remain meth-head-like no matter how much you exercise them: … Continue reading Andes Mint #25: By the Numbers

Free Donut Holes!

Free donut holes, my friends, free donut holes! Available at the Red Balloon Bookshop on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, tomorrow morning (August. 10) at 10:30, when I’ll be reading that new little book over to there to the left. “The Case of the Missing Donut.” Stop by and say hi if you’re in town. … Continue reading Free Donut Holes!

Andes Mint #23: Synesthesia

This mint is adapted from one in the archives, because at around one last night I realized that it was no longer dark-gray Monday but mustardy-chamois Tuesday, and I started thinking about synethesia all over again. From a question in Padgett Powell’s book of questions: “If you could assign colors to the days of the … Continue reading Andes Mint #23: Synesthesia