Swimming in the dark

And so begins the great lengthening of the light: two minutes today, more tomorrow, and on and on until June 21. You’re sitting right now in darkness lit by a glowing tree. You’re remembering light, and people, past and present, dear to you. Fireflies, little magicians of bioluminescence. You spent so many days, this long … Continue reading Swimming in the dark

Poem of the Week, by Mark Irwin

Woolworth’s – Mark Irwin (for Gerald Stern) Everything stands wondrously multicolored and at attention in the always Christmas air. What scent lingers unrecognizably between that of popcorn, grilled cheese sandwiches, malted milkballs, and parakeets? Maybe you came here in winter to buy your daughter a hamster and were detained by the bin of Multicolored Thongs, … Continue reading Poem of the Week, by Mark Irwin