Two picture book writing workshops offered next month!

8 thoughts on “Two picture book writing workshops offered next month!”

  1. Hi Karen – both sessions filled up right away, but I do have a small waiting list for both sessions if you want me to put you on it. I’ll definitely be offering at least one session of this class in the early to mid fall, however, which would be a better bet. Would that timing work with your schedule?


  2. Next fall probably would be better. I have to admit I’ve got a lot of extra stuff already scheduled this term, so the opportunity to spread things out a little sounds lovely.


  3. I just heard about Alison’s PB writing workshop this past weekend and disappointed to learn that both sessions are already filled. I hope she’ll offer session this Spring and not wait till Fall.


  4. Dear Sue, there are a fair number of others in your situation too. I’d be happy to offer the PB writing workshop again later this spring. Maybe April? Let me know if Saturday or Sunday works best for you. And thanks for your interest.


  5. Alison, that would be great if you would offer another PB workshop this spring in April! I’m open to either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, probably after Easter that doesn’t conflict with the Loft Children’s Literature Conference. Thanks for being open to doing a Spring workshop.


  6. My co-workers and I at the Martinsburg Public Library (happily located in the eastern panhandle of WV!) chose your book ‘Making a Friend’ to put in memory of a local little boy who died tragically recently. Somehow the perfect books (and new, too) are always present when we need them most. Yours was just right. Thank you.

    On another note, I’d love to attend any of your writing workshops. Alas, Minneapolis is something of The Hike from WV. Nevertheless, that a children’s author like you is offering something as relaxed as this workshop you held earlier February is, well, rather encouraging. I ought to scout out this area for the like! Thanks again for your work! All be well…


  7. Dear Erin,

    I’m so sorry about the loss of that little boy. All good thoughts for you and your friends and the community. I wrote Making a Friend with my (long-deceased) grandmother in mind, so your instincts were right.

    And I wish that WV and Mpls were closer together – who knows, one of these days we’ll probably be able to teleport instead of merely Skyping.

    Happy March to you.


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