The only penpal she ever kept writing to

8 thoughts on “The only penpal she ever kept writing to”

  1. What a beautiful story. I wish I had a Kingsley in my life, I mean an unexpected friend. This piece of writing was a gift to me in a time of frustration. Thank you for that!


  2. Thank you, herhimnbryn, although I wish you could see how Kingsley weaves his words. Elizabeth, I’m glad that this story came to you at the right time, and Jennifer, you are right – he is so deeply generous.

    In his most recent letter, Kingsley ended with this: “I’m getting on. More and more people offer me their seats on the subway.”

    Hard to believe that we’ve been friends now for probably 17 years.


  3. Hi,
    I was searching to see if some metal gold-stamps that were labeled “Kingsley” contained lead, and I stumbled across your blog Beautiful story.


  4. Alley, what serendipity, not to mention that your name is also my nickname (spelled differently). And, from your website, the lemon-jade earrings I’m wearing look as if you could have made them. I love that the gift from your best friend got you going down this particular route.


  5. Allie – Love the story. I am jealous of this penpal and wish I had a relationship like that too. Your writing is exceptional and I hear your voice in it, which is a gift to me.



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