What She's Grateful for

She’s sitting in the small upstairs room at the front of the house, the room with the three paned windows overlooking the big pine tree and the city street, the room that she painted blue-green. Silky fuchsia and orange curtains are twisted up over the long wooden curtain rod. Above the windows is a ledge … Continue reading What She's Grateful for

The long-distance writer wonders why

Interviewer’s note: The below interview was conducted on Sunday morning, January 10, 2010. The long-distance writer had just finished reading the many and various and often wondrous contributions to the Facebook group Ah, Look at All the Lonely People. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=252518999360&ref=mf Q. So, let’s begin with happiness. Have you, to the best of your knowledge, ever … Continue reading The long-distance writer wonders why