First Haircut

First Haircut She wants to grow it long, and she wants to go to the barber. She wants curls floating down her back, and she wants the barber’s hands on her skull, tilting her head now this way, now that. She wants it both ways. She wants her locks for herself and she wants to … Continue reading First Haircut

The Burning

Look at that thing. It’s a tree pod of some kind. I should know what it is, but I don’t. I should know the name of the tree it fell from, but I don’t. This being the 21st century, I tried to look it up and find out exactly what it is – this long, … Continue reading The Burning

Lucky Charms

Someone who knows you well gave you a charm bracelet for Christmas. Charm bracelets are hard to find. They stay in families; they’re passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. They disappear quickly from eBay and estate sales. You never see them at garage sales. You see your grandmother’s old charm bracelet around your … Continue reading Lucky Charms