(anywhere i go you go)

4 thoughts on “(anywhere i go you go)”

  1. One of those wonderful internet moments; I was browsing Google Images for a picture of wild strawberries, to do a painting as a gift for someone who has blessed me, (who loves the film), I found your photo, then slipped inadvertently onto your blog.

    I know your daughter’s embarrassment, I remember that irreverent laughter and feel ashamed of it now. I had tears at the back of my eyes, then read the previous post

    This is marvellous writing. I shall certainly be back. What an astonishing, generous place the internet can be…


  2. Lucy, moments like this and people like you are what I love about the internet (blessing and curse that it can be) – connection, across time and space. Now I’m picturing you painting wild strawberries.


  3. How I love the description of your daughter, as the one of the Black river-hair. And your question about the quiet that encompasses respect. You hear your heart in that quiet, and honor it — encourage it to function fully, loving it even in its wild escapades. Today, while swimming, I took a moment to lie face up in the water. With my ears beneath the water I listened to the echoing roar of my breath, like waterfalls within my chest and flowing through my body.


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