Currently reading

There’s a lot of great writing out there these days. Here’s a sample:

1. I cleaned out the William Maxwell novel section at my favorite bookstore – Magers & Quinn in Uptown Minneapolis – and stacked them up on my desk. So far I’ve made my way through “So Long, See You Tomorrow” and “They Came Like Swallows.” I have to stop sometimes as I read this man’s work, it’s so painfully beautiful.

2. A new novel by a novelist named Rebecca Lee, called “The City Is a Rising Tide.” Amazing book. If I tried to describe the plot it would sound mundane, so I won’t. The magic of this book is in the writing, and in Lee’s ability to capture in one sentence emotional undercurrents that would take others entire books to describe.

3. “The Madness Equation,” by Mary Spalding, which is an essay/memoir in the September issue of The Sun Magazine. The writer draws a connection between fractals (as in math and physics, both subjects I love reading about) and  “madness.” Fascinating.

4. The Ramona books, by Beverly Cleary. Ever read these when you were little? I just read them all, one again and the rest for the first time. They’re great.